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I love being a social worker when…

– I am able to answer a question that helps someone.
– I am able to give support that matters.
– I am able to become a friend to the families I work with.
– I am on top of my paperwork.
– someone says thank you.
– I help someone get what they want.
– I listen to people’s life stories.
– I see the power of love from families and friends toward their older relative / friend.

I saw this article in community care about responses to this question. I wasn’t asked, but I wanted to give my own response 🙂

It’s been a hard day at work today. Not rushing about (that’s tomorrow!) but non stop. It’s always like that now – a never ending rush. I haven’t yet learnt to switch off. I haven’t learnt to balance everything that needs to be balanced. It feels like I’m constantly juggling one more ball than I am able to manage, constantly on the edge of dropping them all.


It’s also the best job in the world at times. I have a few families who I know value me. Not just as their social worker, but as a person. Because of who I am and how I work with them. Because I try to listen. And because I might not be able to do everything, but I try. I always try my very best to make sure the older people I work with and their families are safe, well and supported.

I won’t sleep tonight as there’s too much going on. I’m already worrying about a couple of visits tomorrow that are tight time wise (in terms of getting from one to the next as I hate to be late).

I don’t know if I can do it forever. In fact, I know I can’t. I can’t keep up the pressure, the pace or the stress. But when I leave, as is will at some point, I know that the people I have worked with I will remember forever. Their stories and lives will stay with me forever. And that makes me proud to do what I do.