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The first ‘proper’ bike ride…

Amelia is good at a lot of things. She’s bright and learning mostly comes easily to her. However, something that she’s never grasped before is riding a bike. She’s had her current bike for about 2 years now, but we decided not to get her an updated one as she just didn’t know how to use this one. She either couldn’t do the handles, even after being explained how to steer a million times. And she didn’t understand the pedals. And doing both was just too much to ask of her until now. 

Now though, she’s got it, in her own time and in her own way. In the past few weeks she’s been practising in the garden, and finally riding it properly. With stabilisers, granted, but just seeing her on her bike is something I have been very proud of her for. 

We went out on it today. For the first time in a long time. We only went to my nanas – a ten minute walk if I have the kids with me. It took half an hour on their bikes (and was hard work too I must admit!) Amelia’s stabilisers kept getting her stuck, and steering Rosie is hard work. But we got there, and Amelia did great.

She was proud of herself for doing it. She rode her bike all the way to my nanas house, and steered and pedalled it. And because it’s something that hasn’t come easily to her I’m proud of her – for keeping practising, for not giving up, and just for being her. 

Well done little one. Now she’s added a purple bike to her birthday / Christmas list. Better start saving some pennies!

I’m adding this post to the ordinary moments linky run by Mummydaddyme – I haven’t joined in for a while but this is an ordinary moment of the future – one I’ve been waiting a while to get to 🙂 



The ordinary moments – writing


I used to write about teaching my daughter to write quite often. But in the end it became stressful – it felt like I was forcing it rather than teaching her to enjoy it. So I stepped back and left her to lead what we did – and she didn’t choose to write. I had to trust that she would come back to it when she was ready.

And now she is. In the past three weeks she has got interested again. It started with her campaign about people dropping rubbish,which she made posters for. But since she seemed interested, I got her a phonics book for pre schoolers, with writing and activities. And we’ve built it back into the daily routine, in a relaxed way.

This is our current ordinary:
1. Rosie goes for her nap.
2. We get out the writing book (only if Amelia wants to though).
3 we do one page together at the table.
4. We find the stickers for each page when it is finished.
5. After the page, we will either do some colouring or writing in an exercise book.

It’s enjoyable, and a real pleasure to see Amelia taking an interest. She recognises almost all letters now, and now can write a fair few too. It only takes 10-20 minutes at most, but it’s something that we both are really enjoying at the moment. For me, it’s also bittersweet since I am very aware that I lose my afternoons with her in September. It already feels like a loss – I am so very envious of those who are able to homeschool as it is a dream I wish I could pursue but am not brave enough to take the risk.

Today she wrote ‘Amlia (love heart shape) mam.’ All by herself – I had no idea what she was writing. She practised a bit (on every page of an exercise book!) by herself but got there in the end. I was so very proud of her, and it made me smile a lot. I keep looking at this little bit of writing, and it makes me want to cry because it’s just so lovely.

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The ordinary moments – Saturday cleaning.


For the past few weeks I have introduced a new routine. It’s kind of happened accidentally, but a few weeks ago I was tidying up Amelia’s room, and she wanted to help. And she enjoyed it so much helping me tidy, Hoover and Polish that I have been doing it each Saturday.

I think it’s good for her to take responsibility for her own room, and she actually gets excited when I say that it’s time to clean her room (that won’t last long!)

I took a few photos today of her hoovering – she sits for ages putting everything into the Hoover, she doesn’t Hoover the traditional way much. It takes me twice as long too as I have to do everything after her – I re Hoover the rug etc – but it makes it much more fun.

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The ordinary moments – bath time


Bath time is something every family has their own routine for. It’s something we love, and something ive never got pictures of before, because usually I’m either in with them, or too busy holding Rosie to take pictures. But this week, me and Craig bathed the girls together so I managed to get some really good pictures.

We don’t take bath time for granted; when Amelia was a baby we never had a bath, and always showered her. It was always a real treat when we had the chance to bath her anywhere else as it was so rare. And now it’s great, both of them love being in the bath, and it has the added bonus that I know where both of them are for half an hour or so, and neither are getting into mischief!

Rosieloves drinking the bath water too – she literally tries to gulp it like she would a drink. We try to stop her, but it’s really cute at the same time!

Getting changed after the bath is a bit chaotic – a big blur of towels, wet children, coldness and mess. We usually get the fire on downstairs so straight after the bath we bring them down to get them changed and settled.

It’s something I will miss when they get too old for it.

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Ordinary moments – fake coughs

My baby is funny. She’s a quirky little thing, and in the past month her personality has started to emerge – shes developing little traits that are unique to her, and it’s lovely.

This week she’s learnt to laugh. But it isn’t as laugh as babies usually do – she fake coughs. She gets excited about something (usually being on her feet, or seeing us after her nap) and starts fake coughing in place of laughing.

I really love it – I can’t capture it with a photo, so I, afraid I can’t share it (I don’t know why but I don’t feel comfortable with sharing videos!) but I wanted to share anyway because I never want to forget this.

I’m back at work tomorrow -2.5 days a week, so we will have to find a new ordinary from tomorrow – I’m feeling a lot of feelings today – nerves etc. Mostly though I’ve been looking back on the past 11 months. I feel glad and lucky that I’ve had this time with my girls, and glad that we’ve enjoyed it. But I also feel a bit regretful that there have been days when I’ve found it hard, times when I’ve lost my temper, and times when I’ve felt upset. I wish I hadn’t, but I can’t go back now. I’ve loved every minute of being at home, even when it isn’t easy. I hope my girls know that, and know how much I love them.

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The ordinary moments…


This is the first time I’ve joined in with the ordinary moments linky. ive seen the posts and loved them for a couple of months, but have never joined in. But today i just wanted to share one of our ordinary moments.

These photos were taken while Watching a Christmas film (polar express) on a lazy Sunday afternoon, getting in the mood for Xmas and having some quiet, relaxing family time.

As a family we love family film night on a Friday night, and Amelia really looks forward to it – microwave popcorn, hot dogs or pizza and a film together plus a bit of a later bedtime. And no computers/ mobile use by me or Craig during this time on a Friday! Over Xmas this seems to have extended a bit – it’s been nice to have lazier, quieter days, and we’ve fallen into a routine of watching a Christmas film 2/3 times a week. Sunday films on 5 are great, and it’s nice to just be together and not be rushing around doing housework / seeing other people.

This is one of the ordinary moments together that I love at the moment.

The ordinary moments linky is run by mummydaddyme and is all about capturing the everyday and ordinary moments that are the moments we will treasure as our children grow. If you would like to join in click on the link.