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Black and white photography..


I have chosen to join In with the black and white photography linky this week, after not blogging much for quite a while. The photo I have chosen is of my littlest girl Rosie when we went for an Autumn walk in the woods. Rosie kept running away, and I snapped this picture quickly before I had to chase her as she wanted to run into a ditch!

I love the way the light falls on this photo – sometimes as you take a photo it just feels ‘right’ doesn’t it – the picture might not be posed or have her face, but it don’t care, I still love it.

If you would like to join in, you can add a photo too at podcast dove


Black and white linky.


This week the photo I have chosen is a recent one. I took it last week during a family day out to the seaside. We had a really lovely day – we live quite near the sea anyway,mbut last week was the first time Amelia loved the sea (literally loved it, she could have played for hours).

And it was Amelia’s first donkey ride on the beach. I snapped this photo, and love it as to me it represents a tradition – donkey rides on the beach, while not for everyone, were part of the excitement of my days out to the beach growing up, and Amelia too was very excited about going on a donkey.

In this photo I love the small details in the sand in the foreground, and that the sea can be seen in the background. I also like that only a small section of the donkeys can be seen, not all of them. It’s not the usual way I take a photo but something about it works for me.

I’ve joined in with podcast dove and the black and white linky.


Black and white photography linky


To join in with the black and white linky again this week I have used another photo from a while ago, but which I used in colour not black and white. When I was looking through it’s the photo that jumped out to me that I wanted to use. I love using the macro setting on my camera – I always find that it takes the most effective photos.

Hope you enjoy! To join in go http://www.podcastdove.com/2014/07/27/blackandwhitephotographyprojectweek3/

Black and white photography linky


The photo I’ve chosen to link up is a black and white photograph that I love. I love close up photos of paths anyway, and this one has the Humber Bridge in the background. It’s a photo that is a couple of months old now, but when I saw this new linky it’s the first photo I thought of that I wanted to link up.

The linky is to link up one (or more) black and white photographs each week. They can be new or old, as long as they are black and white. If you would like to join in go to http://www.podcastdove.com/2014/07/20/blackandwhitephotographyprojectweek2/



Silent Sunday



Silent Sunday


The ordinary moments


Photographs are amazing. They capture a moment in time, that can never be seen again. They are a way of seeing our babies grow up, change and develop. They capture memories and moments.

But they can’t explain the feelings of a moment to another. These photos are not the best photos ever taken, because my children move too fast, and blur when I attempt to get a photo. They don’t pose, and sometimes a moment is over before I am able to ‘capture’ it properly. I wish I could capture every second, but I can’t.

Today my ordinary moment post is a simple one. Amelia got a small craft box for Christmas. In it are a few craft bits, such as Pom poms, lolly sticks, glue and glitter. In the photographs Amelia got her craft box out by herself to make Christmas decorations ‘for the Christmas tree.’ Never mind that its down now and Christmas is over. She glued, glittered and made her decorations.

In the meantime, Rosie decided that the craft box looked interesting and she wanted to play too. She made it her mission to get to it to see inside. She wriggled to it, looked inside it and then tipped everything out into the floor. Amelia got a bit cross. I moved Rosie onto my knee and we watched Amelia, while she carefully made her decorations. I may have made one too.

It was a lovely moment – Craig was off work and so at home with us. It was just us being a family. Amelia uses her craft box a lot – it’s the first time she’s set up craft to do herself – I watch and help a little, but it’s her choice about when to craft and what she wants to make. I like watching her work with such concentration, I like seeing how she is becoming more independent, growing up.

So my photographs aren’t the best. I wish they were better. But what’s important is that we had that moment together, and others similar to this moment but slightly different. This for me is an ordinary moment, but one which makes me smile, and one which I want to remember always.

If you would also like to join in please go to the link above. It’s a great linky, about capturing the everyday, ordinary moments which are really the most special times of all.



Silent Sunday


The ordinary moments…


This is the first time I’ve joined in with the ordinary moments linky. ive seen the posts and loved them for a couple of months, but have never joined in. But today i just wanted to share one of our ordinary moments.

These photos were taken while Watching a Christmas film (polar express) on a lazy Sunday afternoon, getting in the mood for Xmas and having some quiet, relaxing family time.

As a family we love family film night on a Friday night, and Amelia really looks forward to it – microwave popcorn, hot dogs or pizza and a film together plus a bit of a later bedtime. And no computers/ mobile use by me or Craig during this time on a Friday! Over Xmas this seems to have extended a bit – it’s been nice to have lazier, quieter days, and we’ve fallen into a routine of watching a Christmas film 2/3 times a week. Sunday films on 5 are great, and it’s nice to just be together and not be rushing around doing housework / seeing other people.

This is one of the ordinary moments together that I love at the moment.

The ordinary moments linky is run by mummydaddyme and is all about capturing the everyday and ordinary moments that are the moments we will treasure as our children grow. If you would like to join in click on the link.


Silent Sunday