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Our midweek adventure

I surprised Amelia today. I picked her up from nursery, all ready to go straight out on an afternoon day trip. I’d made a picnic, planned where to go and had everything we needed ready. We set off straight away and went on our adventure 🙂

We went about half an hours drive away, to a place called waters edge. It is a viewing point next to the Humber bridge – it used to be chemical wasteland but it’s been turned into a nature reserve. And it was lovely.

We walked, explored, fed apple pie to the ducks (to see if they liked it – they did), had our picnic, climbed, explored the visitor centre, went on the play park. A little bit of everything. It was really hot, and it was nice to be out and about, somewhere new.

Amelia really enjoyed every second – there is a big bridge to cross, where you can see the pond, and we spend ages watching ducks, and laughing at them bobbing their heads into the water.

It was a joy to be there, and we will definitely be returning.

I’ve added some of my favourite photos below, I hope you like them too.