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Meal planning Monday…

I don’t join in with meal planning often, simply because there are weeks when I just don’t have the energy to try to plan ahead, and when I plan I end up relying on the same few recipes each week. But this week I don’t have a huge amount left in the fridge or freezer and so I decided that making a meal plan would help me to use everything I have (I do hate throwing anything away).

To help to inspire me I got my recipe books out, and found a few recipes to mix the week up a bit – nothing over fussy or complicated, but good home cooked food.

Monday: veggie sweet and sour stir fry with rice noodles (I’ve already made this for both my lunch and tea tomorrow – I’m at work and so hate to have to cook when I get home at 6, with kids to get in bed too).

Tuesday: the last of the veggies (carrots, baby sweetcorn, sweet potato cubes and steamed parsnips with meat of some kind – I have to buy something).

Wednesday – fish, wedges and mushy peas.

Thursday – hoisin chicken wraps ( from the good food store cupboard recipes) with salad.

Friday – spicy chicken and bacon pasties ( from the good food chicken recipes) with – well, I haven’t decided what with yet!

Saturday – beef salad with wholemeal pitta breads.

Sunday – mustard pork chops (from nigella express) with mustard mash and veg.



Meal Planning Monday..

Last week I did it πŸ™‚ I mostly stuck to the plan for the week. The only change is that on Thursday we didn’t have beef stew -I can’t even remember what we had instead now though! The rest of the week went to plan though.

This week this is the plan:


Chilli con carne from the freezer for me and Craig after work.


What Craig makes.


Slow cooked beef stew and dumplings.


Chicken pie (the filling was made and frozen) new potatoes and vegetables


Jacket potatoes, cheese and beans.


Party teaΒ  – my Daughter’s 5th birthday tea party.


Leftover party food / picky day.

I do like to plan – it means I don’t have days where I don’t have a clue what to make! If you would like to join in, link up at http://www.athomewithmrsm.com/2014/11/meal-planning-monday-3rd-november-2014.html

Enjoy your week πŸ™‚

Meal planning Monday.

Okay, so my plan to blog more hasn’t really happened. Oops – too busy, and still struggling with work, managing and just feeling good.

My meal plan for this week looks something like this:

Monday: chilli con carne (leftovers from the freezer)with brown rice.

Tuesday: whatever Craig makes.

Wednesday: sausage and vegetables (new potatoes, carrots, runner beans, sweetcorn).

Thursday: homemade fish cakes, potato wedges and beans or mushy peas.

Friday: tomato pasta bake and salad.

Saturday: jacket potatoes, tuna and salad.

Sunday: shepherds pie and vegetables.

I’ve just been shopping – I spent Β£47 at Aldi – with that I’ve bought our whole weekly shop for 4, plus a few bits to take to my daughters school for harvest festival next week. There are breakfasts, lunches and meals for the whole of next week.

I also plan on moving more thus week – I need to fit exercise into my life. I’m 30 in 6 months, and it’s my sisters wedding in 10 months, and to be honest I’ve just been floating along for far too long – not terrible but also not brilliant. Now is the right time to continue to tweak my lifestyle. In fairness, our meals are not too bad. I just have a terrible sweet tooth and crave chocolate far too often – that’s the part I want to alter to get a better balance.


Meal planning Monday..

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. I started a few and then stopped. I’m going to leave it by saying that I’ve been having such a stressful time at work that I’ve struggled to think about anything else. There’s a lot going on, and I’m struggling to manage my time, so when I get home I just want to think about nothing, and snuggle on the sofa with uncomplicated tv, reading blogs or a book on my iPad or browsing the internet. It’s about all I have the energy to manage right now.

I have a meal plan for this week though, so it seemed to make sense to take part in meal planning Monday, with at home with mrs m.

Here’s the plan:

Monday (today) chicken stir fry with sweet chilli and garlic sauce.

Tuesday: whatever Craig makes for when I get home from work.

Wednesday: beef stew and dumplings ( I made it in the slow cooker yesterday and popped it in the freezer). I think it’s good, even if I do say so myself. I like stew when it gets to Autumn.

Thursday: lamb shepherds pie with a sweet potato topping, kale, carrots and sweetcorn.

Friday: chicken curry.

Saturday: burgers in buns with salad or chilli con carne from the freezer (leftovers) with rice and garlic bread. Not sure which yet.

Sunday: Sunday dinner.

I like having a plan πŸ™‚ however, due to non planning my shopping bill has been creeping up recently (I spent about Β£65 this week,at morissons) and so I’m going to have to knock it back down again. I don’t even know what I bought exactly that made it so expensive compared to normal – i thin I just ended up with too much in my trolley by the end. Usually I shop at aldi, but occasionally I need washing powder (or crave their fresh bread!) and end up back at morissons.

I have a couple of book reviews that I want to post, so will get them posted in the next couple of nights.

Meal planning Monday

This week Monday has come around so fast! Last week the meal planning went well – I do find that it focuses me on what I want to make. Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday (today) – we had a bank holiday BBQ with burgers, sausages and minted lamb. It was lovely but I have eaten too much!

Tomorrow – Craig cooks so it is upto him.

Wednesday – I’m tempted to do a midweek roast – chicken, stuffing and veg.

Thursday – chicken stew with leftovers.

Friday – creamy corgette and bacon pasta, from last week as it was yummy.

Saturday – chicken thighs, rice fusions rice, sweetcorn and peas.

Sunday – chicken pies and veg.

Ive got some lovely asparagus that I want to use up on Wednesday, and just want to use up all the bits and bobs we have hanging around this week – stew is a great way to use everything that’s leftover!

And here’s a look at a couple of the meals i made last week (creamy pasta, and ham, egg and new potato salad). I really wanted to blog about the BBQ pulled pork I made for Mexican night yesterday, but forgot to photograph it, doh. Will be making again another week though, so I will have to remember to take photos!



I have joined in with mrs m – to join in click on the badge below:

Meal Planning Monday

Christmas planning (if you hate the C word before December look away now!)


For me, Christmas planning starts as soon as Amelia’s birthday ends. Her birthday is just over 5 weeks before Christmas and for me once the excitement of her birthday is over, it’s the perfect time to step up the planning. Her birthday was yesterday, so here’s the plan!

Friday 22nd November – make Christmas cards with Amelia. I’m going to get some materials ready and then just let her do what she wants. I also want to try to make something with Rosie’s hands if I can get her to keep still enough to make hand prints!

Friday 29th November – make Christmas tree decorations. We’ve made decorations before, but its good to build them up over time πŸ™‚ I Will look for what materials we need, and find some ideas so that we are ready.

Friday 6th December – make a couple of small home made gifts (think more about this so we know what we are doing!)

Friday 13th December – make some home decorations, or finish gifts. Put up tree and house decs.

Friday 20th December – baking day – mince pies, gingerbread men for tree. Maybe something with cinnamon.

Week 6 – 23 and 24th December.

Each Friday between now and Christmas I have planned a different craft to do with Amelia. Card making kicks it off – I will then blog each week and link it up to the festive friday linky. Im excited just thinking about it πŸ™‚

I also have loads planned for myself – making my own cards, a couple of gifts, boxes, shopping etc too which i will blog in between I’m sure, but it gives me a headache thinking about it all so I’m keeping it simple for now!

Here is to a crafty and fun Christmas (hopefully!) xxx

Meal planning Monday

Well, yesterday the clutch broke in the car. It’s in the garage, but that means no car. I usually shop on a Sunday but didn’t yesterday, so it’s all about planning with what we’ve got. We have enough in freezer but nothing in fridge apart from carrot a bit of milk and butter. Oh well πŸ™‚ add to that that my pay halved today as maternity pay goes down, and I have gone from wanting to budget to needing to if I want to buy Xmas presents for people!

Meals for the week:

Today- spaghetti and meatballs. I already have meatballs out,n sauce ready in freezer and spaghetti. Pretty cheap, easy and have everything. πŸ™‚ and its my boyfriends favourite too lol.

Tuesday – pork chops, mash and frozen veg. Again got evening -got loads of potatoes left, pork in freezer and one carrot and plenty of frozen veg.

Wednesday – home made fish fingers, beans and wedges.

Thursday – halloween tea here. In laws are bringing pumpkin soup, I’m going to make hot dogs, green jelly with jelly bugs in, maybe home made pizza, and some kind of cake πŸ™‚ my sister is bringing a chilli. Think, so will have plenty. Got to make some pictures later too, ready to stick up πŸ™‚

Friday is family film night – my girl loves this. I reckon. Might do bacon sandwiches and microwave popcorn this week.

Saturday – not sure yet. Either jacket potatoes or tuna pasta I think.

Sunday – I’d like to make a roast chicken Sunday dinner, just got to buy a chicken πŸ™‚

That’s it for this week, mostly using what I already have, other than a few bits.


Meal Planning Monday