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Live positively #3

This week has been a good one overall. I have to be honest and say that work has been a huge struggle this week – I find myself unable to switch off from work, and am finding the demands of work more than I feel able to deal with. If not for the children and Craig I think I would be really down. Because of them though I fight it – it feels as though I have a niggle all the time though, waiting to get to me if I acknowledge that it is there. I hate this feeling, and yet can’t change it right now. I have to work, and since I have to do it I have to find a way to deal with the stress I feel about it.

But back to the positives, these are the things I have found good about this week:

1. Last night we went to my auntie and uncles wedding reception. They are almost 60 and have been together 30+ years, but finally felt ready to commit to marriage. It was lovely to see them relaxed and happy and in love, and I enjoyed seeing my extended family, who I don’t see enough of.

2. Today we had a Mexican themed tea with my parents and sisters. I made BBQ pulled pork, and dad made a beef chilli and a chicken chilli type co concoction. The food was really good, and i love spending time with everyone.

3. Tomorrow is a bank holiday – huge relief to have an extra day off, even if it does make my days busier at work for the next 2 weeks plus.

4. Rosie has been walking. She takes 4/5 steps confidently now, when she wants to get between set places. She’s growing in confidence with this everyday, and it’s fantastic to see her learning what she can and can’t do. She’s amazing.

5. The girls slept out last night at my in-laws house. It meant I got some much needed time to chat with Craig about rubbish and just be a couple for a bit of time. And we had a lay in (which meant getting up at 8 instead of 6, because we are just like that these days!)

Have a good week 🙂


Live positively, week 2


This week it is easy to find positives. We have had a good week, had lots of fun,and just enjoyed the mini heart wave! Here are my highlights:

1. Day trips. We have been out and about this week, to our favourite park and a little further out. We have also spent some time playing in the garden. It’s all felt like a holiday – I’ve hardly thought about work at all, and have ignored all the housework and other bits that usually take up so much of my time. I’ve enjoyed the time with my kids, and enjoyed laughing and playing and talking.

2. Amelia had a really good swimming lesson this week, I was really proud of her as she tried hard, listened well and gave everything a go. She seemed really grown up In the water this week.

3. I saw my friend and her gorgeous baby boy, and we had a good catch up, breakfast in a cafe and a small walk, plus I bought a couple of bargains in a charity shop. It was a nice day.

4. The weather. The weather has been a huge positive for me this week – not too hot, just nice, and a change from greyness.

5. Blogging. I’ve got really interested in my blog again this week. I got to a point where I lost my confidence with it, as there are so many brilliant blogs that it made me doubt my own. But this week I’ve just been writing it for me, because I enjoy writing it, and taking photos for it.



Live positively.

Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday.

I’m bringing back my positives. I need to do this for myself – i find it far too easy to get stressed about work and general busyness, and not stop to appreciate my fantastic life. I need a chance to stop, take stock and appreciate what i have. I’m going to start doing this on a Sunday as it’s the end of the week, so it works for me.

So, whats been good about this week?
First of all, me and Craig had our first child free night since Rosie was born. Rosie slept out for the first time on Saturday night – Craigs parents had both girls. It was lovely actually. We didn’t do anything – we got a chippy tea, and watched naff tv and talked. We talked a lot, about our house plans, and general bits and bobs. And – this is the best bit – i got a whole night of uninterrupted sleep and didn’t have to wake up at 6am. It was great – lay in’s have not reduced a lot, i was wide awake at 8.30am, but that extra time makes a huge difference to me. And both girls were really good for their nannie and grandad.

Secondly, house plans. We often mess around – having jobs, kids and busy lives makes doing much in the house difficult. We plan a lot but don’t get much done. So we’ve planned our first three jobs – firstly rewiring downstairs, then moving the front room door, then decorating the hallway. We’ve listed these three jobs as the ones we will focus on. So my job for this week will be to find quotes for rewiring downstairs. I love having plans for the house, and find it frustrating at the same time. I hate waiting, but love thinking about what my ‘dream’ plans are.

Thirdly, boring but we got our car insurance sorted. We’ve saved £70 on what we paid last year by changing me to main driver.

Next, my girls. My wonderful girls. Amelia has been brilliant this week. She’s been such good company – funny, helpful and loving. I love it when she’s like this – i gave her jobs to do in her bedroom – hoovering her rug and helping me polish – and she loved it, and kept saying how fun it was. She then also helped me clean the bathroom. And she’s loving making potions at the moment – putting allsorts in a big bowl with water in the garden. She’s spent ages and ages doing it, keeps her busy.

And Rosie – Rosie is getting to the hard work stage. But she has beautiful smiles, is curious about everything, is learning everyday. She’s working up the courage to take her first steps, and is saying mama, baba, dada, mmmm. She’s a lovely baby – she is just so genuinely content and happy. She knows what she wants and doesn’t want, but generally shes just so easy going and happy to do anything.

I think that’s it. I just wanted to make sure i don’t forget the wonderful times with my girls. I want to look back and remember how much i love life, how much i love them, and how lucky i feel. They make me smile every single day, and they put work related stress into perspective.



Good news Friday..

I’m doing my Friday positives again today – this week has gone so fast, I’ve only just remembered that its time to do this again. I’m a bit grumpy right now though (Rosie woke up at 5 so I’m tired!) so thinking of the positives will be good for me. Here goes:

1. I’ve lost 2 pounds this week. Weigh day was yesterday. It brings my total loss to 9 pounds, so I’m really pleased. Since January I haven’t gained anything. The last week went well too – I felt really positive about my eating and exercise all week. I can see a big difference in m tummy area (my least favourite area after 2 girls!) too. Not with clothes on so much, but that will come in time.

2. I went spinning last night. It was hard work – I did 30 minutes and that was enough! But it was something different – I’ve been to the gym twice too and worked hard, but I enjoyed the spinning class and will be doing it again next week.

3. I saw my friend Zara and her lovely daughter. Our girls played really nicely, we had cookies which I baked, and it was good to catch up with her. She’s having another baby, due next month too, can’t wait to meet her new baby boy.

4. Last weekend we saw my unofficial sister in law. She came home from London for the weekend, and we all love seeing her. Amelia loves her to bits, and loves spending time with her auntie. And we had a lovely Sunday dinner with her and Craig’s parents. We had a nice lazy Sunday actually.

5. We’ve spent a lot of time this week listening to the frozen soundtrack. Amelia loves dancing and singling along to it, and puts it on whenever she gets the chance. I like it too, which is lucky!

I think that’s it for this week. I’ve been really tired this week, but it’s still been a good week. ,y return to work it getting closer and closer too – I’m dreading it but a the same time part of me just wants to get it over with now, and get used to the new routine.


Feel Good Friday…

Before Christmas I was doing ‘grateful Friday.’ I stopped at Christmas, but I’ve decided to reintroduce it, as I love being able to look back on each week, and focus on the good things that have happened. Doing this on a Friday means that I can then look forward and have a good feeling going into the weekend.

So, to start off, these are my positives of the last week:

1. I’ve applied for a job promotion at work. Now, I’m not entirely sure If this is the best idea I’ve ever had – I return to work in March, and a promotion post came up which I found out about last week. I’m a social worker with older adults At the minute. The post is for a dementia manager, which focuses on supporting adults with dementia to remain at home for longer. It’s also about shaping policy, and taking on more responsibility for supervision etc. Anyway, long story short, I submitted my application form, and I’ve just been told that I am the only applicant and that my application form was good so will have an interview. This is good, but I’ve had butterflies ever since, and I know ill be so nervous until the interview is over with – I hate them. However, this is still positive as I think I will enioy the new job role if I get it.

2. I took Amelia and Rosie swimming again with Craig’s mum. I took Rosie for the first time last week. We went to ‘fun pool’ with a pirate ship, both girls loved it there. Rosie is a natural water baby, she was splashing and kicking her legs. She just loves the water. And Amelia has gained so much confidence since starting swimming lessons last summer. She loves the water too now, and she made a friend In the water (a little girl) and she went down the slide a few times. It was fun, and we went to the cafe afterwards and I treated Amelia to a cookie.

3. I also took the girls to soft play by myself for the first time since having Rosie. It was okay – Rosie was smiling and laughing at the other babies in the ball pool, and Amelia was absolutely fine going off by herself, and she just kept popping back to us every now and again. I will have to try to do this again next week!

4. Progress is being made on creating storage in the attic. This has been a longer project that I thought, as we had to move the hatch to our room, make it bigger, and clear, insulate and board out the attic. This is because we just don’t have space for everything. Since Rosie came along we have nowhere to put all of Craig’s stuff – he loves his computer stuff. But, the hatch is now almost finished, we are over half way there. A couple of weeks and it should be finished I reckon 🙂

5. My healthy eating and exercise has gone pretty well this week. Not perfect (is anything?!) but overall I’ve been healthy loads more than unhealthy, and my eating habits have been pretty good overall. I don’t expect a big loss tomorrow as I have slipped up a few times but if there’s a slight loss or no change ill be happy this week. And I’m at the gym tomorrow again,p. I love going to the gym!

These are my positives for this week.

Grateful friday

This week I am grateful for:

– The rain. I love the rain – listening to it outside, and using it as an excuse for lazy pj days.

– baking. I’ve learnt some nice new recipes this week, and look forward to learning more. Baking is something I’ve only started enjoying in the past 5 months ( since maternity leave) and I’m really enjoying it.

– my cleaning schedule. I’ve stuck to it all week, and my house is looking cleaner, and feeling much more manageable. This is a big positive for me.

– my family. I am grateful that I see my mum and dad most days, my sisters and nana every week, and that my support network is good.

– blog land (as I call it!) I’ve read some moving,funny, interesting, sad and beautiful blogs and I feel that i appreciate my life more and feel better for having read them.

– listening to my girls random chatter. There are times when she just talks and talks, and its so lovely, these times are magical and I wish I could capture so many moments forever, rather than them slipping away, never to happen again.