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I love snow. I say I hate it, but really I love it. I don’t like being out in the snow, and I am paranoid about slipping over. But I love watching the snow falling – it’s just a little bit magical -just the slowness of the way it falls, and the way it swirls in the wind. I could watch snow all day.

I think it helps that we don’t have it often. For me, snow means days at home, the fire on, films, and red noses when we do venture outside.

My girls love snow too it turns out (what child doesn’t?) Amelia has been really excited about it – she likes touching it, and enjoyed throwing snowballs the other day with Craig. Rosie is like me – she loves watching it fall, and stands at the window watching and laughing at it. She isn’t so keen on being out in it, but she is saying ‘snow’ and is enjoying it.

I shouldn’t say it, but I really would like to wake up in the morning to thick snow, meaning snowmen, snowballs and hot chocolate 🙂 I want more than a sprinkle – although I may live to regret saying that 🙂