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Healthy eating and sweet potato wedges.


Since Monday I have been healthy eating again. I was doing well but then….well, stopped. I haven’t been terrible, but not good either.

Anyway, now i am back on track 🙂 last night for tea I was feeling a bit lazy, but also didn’t want to make something too unhealthy. So I went for fish fingers, sweet potato wedges rather than my usual potato wedges, and mushy peas.

The sweet potato wedges were so easy to make: I got a bag of sweet potatoes from Aldi – I get these most weeks anyway to roast as cubes, or steam on a veg dinner. For the wedges, I peel the sweet potatoes, the slice them lengthwise, put on a baking tray, give them a splash of oil (not too much), a bit of salt, and oven cook at 200 degrees for around 40 minutes.

My kids loved these, and i did too. They don’t have a crunch like my usual wedges do, but the flavour is gorgeous.

Other meals this week include:

Porridge with banana and syrup.
Ham salad sandwich from Gregg’s (320 cals) and an orange.
2 poached eggs on whole meal toast.

Porridge with banana and syrup.
Pancetta and egg salad.
Mince beef tacos with a sprinkle of cheese and salsa. A slice of home made carrot cake.

Porridge with banana and syrup.
Ham and egg salad with tuna pasta.
Fish fingers, sweet potato wedges and mushy peas. A slice of home made carrot cake.

A banana
Lunch will be whole meal buns with cheese and salad.
Tea will be sausages and vegetables (carrots and sweetcorn) or sausage casserole – haven’t totally decided which yet!

I don’t have a particular plan, but my plan is just to take each day as it comes, not eat snacks and stick to my meals, and only eat until I feel full. I look at my meal plan and it’s not totally perfect, but it works for me, and for my family – cutting out absolutely everything just ends in failure.

My weight on Monday was 10.11 – I was down to just over 10 in march, so I have a bit to lose again as around 10 stone is where I feel comfortable. But I’m not in a rush to get there, and I’m not beating myself up for ‘failing’ – I’ve started work again which is what threw me as now I just don’t have time for the gym 3 times a week. Instead I’m going to be biking and jogging from home, and walking with the kids as that’s achievable.

I’m only going to weigh myself in a few weeks time – I’m not going to update all the time so I’ll update again in a few weeks, unless it try any new recipes to share 🙂

Goal weight: 10 stone.