Card attempt two…

Card attempt two...

Card attempt two…

This is my second card attempt. I wanted to try a valentines day card, but wanted to keep it quite simple. I used some of the same card from my last card to try not to waste too much paper, but i do think that the colours match up too.

I’m not quite as happy with this card as i was with my first one. I cut the middle of the lace doily out, but it was really difficult to cut neatly, aand also really hard to glue into place…i don’t think glue was the right thing to use, although i’m still not sure what i could have used! But – i really enjoyed making this card, and i enjoyed trying a few new things and seeing how they worked – i’ve learnt a lot that will come in useful on another card i think šŸ™‚

Out of interest, what glue do people recommend for card making? Something multi purpose as i have a limited budget and space for storage! I’ve just been using a Pritt stick as it was in my local craft shop,and a glue pen for gluing ribbon and lace, but i feel like there might be a better option.

Close up’s of the centre circle, and punched border:

Circle close up..

Circle close up..

Border punch close up.

Border punch close up.


My next card attempt will be to use a ‘four square’ template that i saw on Pinterest and liked – will post when it’s done šŸ™‚ xxx


2 responses to “Card attempt two…

  1. I love the use of the doily as a frame! My best friends in adhesives are the double sided glue roller for everything from card to ribbon. I would have used spray mount for the doily application as its fine spray would have given an even cover and if you get the craft kind they are also re-postionable šŸ™‚ hope this helps x

    • Thank you, and the advice is appreciated! My craft shop is a little like an Aladdin’s cave and its hard to know what to look for, but next time I’m there I will ask about a double sided glue roller and spray mount for future use šŸ™‚ xxx

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